Patrick Sullivan
Status: Deceased
Role: Main antagonist
Age: 66
Date of birth: 1947
Date of death: 2013
Cause of death: Shot in the head by Mickey Donovan
Nationality: Irish-American
Residence(s): Boston
Alias(es): Sully
Affiliation: Mickey Donovan (formerly)
Played by: James Woods
Seasons: 1

Patrick "Sully" Sullivan was a Boston crime boss and gangster, who, for an unknown period of time, was a former criminal partner of Mickey Donovan. He serves as the main antagonist of the second half of Season 1.

Early life Edit

Sully was a notorious mobster and an associate of Mickey in Boston prior to Mickey's arrest, with whom he committed robberies and jobs. The last job Sully did with Mickey went sour, when Mickey stole half of Sully's loot and gave it to his mistress, Claudette. Mickey then ratted out most of Sully's family in Boston, forcing Sully to go into hiding.

Events of Season 1 Edit

After Mickey Donovan's release from prison and re-entry to Ray's life, Ray hires Sully to come to Los Angeles to whack Mickey for two-million dollars. Sully agrees to whack Mickey because Sully believed Mickey killed his girlfriend, who later turned out to be murdered by actor Sean Walker. Sully then, with Mickey's help, got his vendetta by killing Sean Walker.

Death Edit

Sully then took refuge by hiding out near Santa Monica afterwards for relocation to the Maldives with his over-weight associate and nephew from Boston Kenneth "Tiny" Benson. Grateful for Mickey's information on Sean Walker, and his assistance in helping Sully get his vengeance, Sully agrees to bring Mickey with him to the Maldives, leading to a shootout on the docks where Ray had set Sully up to get arrested. The shootout ends with Mickey double-crossing Sully and shooting him in the head, killing him. Tiny is given a merciful chance to escape, and Ray flees the scene to not arouse suspicion.

Notable murders committed Edit

  • Sean Walker
  • Mickey's girlfriend
  • His own girlfriend
  • Unnamed homeless man