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Original run June 30, 2013 – September 22, 2013
No. of Episodes 12
Nielsen rating 18-49 rating:
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Ray Donovan is an American crime drama television series created by Ann Biderman, which premiered on Showtime on June 30, 2013.


The show takes place in Los Angeles, California, where Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber), originally from South Boston, works for the powerful law firm Goldman & Drexler, representing the rich and famous. Donovan is a "fixer": in criminal slang, a person who arranges for bribes or payoffs of corrupt police or government officials, or other criminals, to enable a criminal to avoid punishment. Ray experiences his own problems when his father, Mickey Donovan (Jon Voight), is unexpectedly released from prison, and FBI agents try bringing down Ray and his associates.


See also: Recurring characters, Character appearances for Season 1




Picture Title Number Season Number Production Code Original Airdate U.S. viewers
150px "The Bag or the Bat" 1 1 101 June 30, 2013 1.35
Ray Donovan fixes problems for a powerful LA law firm. Originally from South Boston, he now lives in the affluent city of Calabasas, CA. While dealing with his troubled family, including his wife Abby, daughter Bridget and son Conor, he learns of the return of his father, Mickey, released from prison on parole.
150px "A Mouth Is a Mouth" 2 2 July 7, 2013 1.56
Ray tries to send Mickey back to prison. Angry with Ray, Abby allows her kids to spend the day with Mickey. Ray handles two crises involving movie star clients: A-list actor Sean Walker receives a threatening message and a home invasion, while action hero Tommy Wheeler is blackmailed with a video of his sexual exploits.
150px "Twerk" 3 3 July 14, 2013 1.45
Mickey spends time with his sons. Ray "buys" a talented hip-hop artist, Marvin Gaye Washington, for his rapper neighbor. Bridget becomes friendly with Marvin. Ezra holds a fundraiser, in honor of his late wife, due to being haunted by past mistakes. Meanwhile, the real reason for Mickey's early parole is revealed.
150px "Black Cadillac" 4 4 July 21, 2013 1.52
Ray is forced by Abby to visit Bel Air Academy to see Bridget's potential new school, while trying to deal with a work situation. Meanwhile, Mickey meets his ex, Claudette, leading to old memories being relived.
150px "The Golem" 5 5 July 28, 2013 1.46
Bunchy receives his money from the settlement with the Church. Mickey and Ezra reminisce about old events while Mickey wears a wire. Ezra has an accident while driving at night, and believes he has killed someone. Terry and Frances' relationship grows stronger.
150px "Housewarming" 6 6 August 4, 2013 1.45
Ray tries to shut down Van Miller's investigation by drugging him, and using this to create an incriminating video. Bunchy throws a housewarming party, but it gets out of control. Ray finds out that Mickey put his kids in danger and retaliates.
150px "New Birthday" 7 7 August 11, 2013 1.44
Ray finds out about Bridget's relationship with Marvin and forbids her from seeing him, but she visits him anyway, leading to emotional upset. Meanwhile, Ray flies to Boston to search for Bostonian mobster, Sully. Abby and Deb enjoy themselves too much, which turns into trouble. Mickey makes Sean let him work on a movie project.
150px "Bridget" 8 8 August 18, 2013 1.47
The three Donovan brothers remember the anniversary of their sister's demise. Ray and Avi get the money back that Bunchy spent on his house. Terry goes after Frances' husband after he sees evidence she has been abused. Mickey has trouble relating to an actress he meets at the spa
150px "Road Trip" 9 9 August 25, 2013 1.33
Accepting Ray's offer, Sully travels to Los Angeles, but the journey does not go as planned, forcing Avi to step in; Asked by Conor to attend an award show with Tommy Wheeler, Ray must first obtain a series of incriminating photographs of the actor; Miller steps up his efforts in his investigation.
150px "Fite Nite" 10 10 September 8, 2013 1.25
The Donovans attend Daryll's fight at Terry's club. Meanwhile, Ray's deal with Sully is put into action. Mickey has a rendezvous. Bunchy encounters his abuser, sending him into a tailspin.
150px "Bucky Fuckn' Dent" 11 11 September 15, 2013 1.41
Horrible secrets are revealed when the Donovan boys encounter a man from their past; Ray sends Avi to protect his family, much to Abby's anger; Mickey asks a favor from Claudette when he finds himself under investigation for the murder of Sean Walker.
150px "Same Exactly" 12 12 September 22, 2013 1.41
With Sully on the run, Ray suggests to Frank a bold strategy in finding him; Abby leaves Ray a heartfelt message; Lena convinces Bridget to forgive her father; An empowered Bunchy kicks Mickey out of his apartment; Terry feels guilty of his role in the priest's death; a final showdown at the docks has long-lasting effects

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