Kenneth "Tiny" Benson was Patrick Sullivan's overweight nephew and right-hand man. He serves as the secondary antagonist of the second half of Season 1 and a supporting character in Season 2.

Tiny RayDonovan

Tiny and Ray

Early life Edit

Tiny was born sometime in Boston. He eventually became the right-hand man of his uncle, Boston mobster Patrick Sullivan who used to commit robberies with Mickey Donovan until Mickey gave away the money to his mistress and ratted out most, if not all, of Sullivan's family which ended up in prison, save for Tiny and Sully.

Events of Season 1 Edit

After Mickey Donovan's release from prison and re-entry to Ray's life, Ray hires Sully to come to Los Angeles to whack Mickey for two-million dollars. Sully agrees to whack Mickey because Sully believed Mickey killed his girlfriend, who later turned out to be murdered by actor Sean Walker. Sully then, with Mickey's help, got his vendetta by killing Sean Walker.

Sully then took refuge by hiding out near Santa Monica afterwards for relocation to the Maldives with Tiny. Grateful for Mickey's information on Sean Walker, and his assistance in helping Sully get his vengeance, Sully agrees to bring Mickey with him to the Maldives, leading to a shootout on the docks where Ray had set Sully up to get arrested. The shootout ends with Mickey double-crossing Sully and shooting him in the forehead, killing him. Tiny is given a merciful chance to escape.

Events of Season 2 Edit

After Sully's death, Tiny remained in Los Angeles. Trouble arouses when he tried to steal a chicken from a supermarket and when he yapped about being at the docks at the time of Sully's death.

Death Edit

Ray then arranges for Tiny to be in a motel and planned to get him out of LA. High-ranking FBI agent Ed Cochran, however, has other plans - he sends agent Frank Barnes to silence Tiny in order to tie up loose ends.

After entering his room, Barnes shoots Tiny, who manages to briefly knock him down and then attempts to run away, but is not fast enough due to his weight. Just as Tiny is about to go the lower levels of the motel via some stairs, Barnes manages to shoot Tiny in the back, killing him. Tiny's overweight corpse then falls down the stairs and lands on an unfortunate motel guest, whom Barnes kills as well so that there are no witnesses to the murder and then leaves the scene.

Trivia Edit

  • He is Frank Barnes' first kill in the series.

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